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Welcome to Salaya Design Limited Partnership We are the manufacturer such as all types of Sportswear, all format and design. Our main focus is product quality. The production process is controlled by a computer. This is the accepted standard of the Japanese market. The Color Long-lasting adhesion. We are trying to find texture that fit comfortably, Sheer fabrics and Coolmode. Befit for each sport and for maximum customer satisfaction. We sell both wholesale and retail store prices for the interested party.
SDL Wonga’s history is full of world firsts – these are important steps that consistently reinforce our dedication to creating the finest clothing possible, all of it handmade in Thailand:
2548 SALAYADESIGN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP established in Phutthamonthon Sai4, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
2548 - 2550 Manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of SDL Wonga to our customers in various countries such as:
- GANBAX co.ltd (Japan)
- ISAMI.,LTD (Japan)
- GERMANY Sport (Germany)
- NARIFURI (Japan)
2551 We consider relocating as a way to expand new location because these are labor and work force issues, the need to upgrade facilities or equipment and considerations about quality of life. Salayadesign moved to new located at Rai Khing Soi18, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom
All SDL Wonga products are designed and made in-house. Even the materials are made in Thailand, because history and tradition are important to us.
The technologies and materials used in the design and manufacture of SDL clothing conspire to create the comfort, perfect fit and all-conditions performance. We design for the most demanding riders
Approximately 60 percent of electricity consumption in Bangkok and other large cities is mainly used for air conditioning. Today’s modern buildings all require air conditioning and people working in these buildings need to lower the temperature of air conditioner as their formal wear involves many pieces of clothing, such as suit or jacket, and the selection of fabrics is not designed from suitable fiber. Many countries have begun raising campaigns to increase the temperature of air conditioner in buildings, such as Japan where they have increased the temperature in their buildings up to 26 degrees Celsius. Thailand has also tried to raise the similar campaign several times, for instance the encouragement to the Cabinet to stop wearing suits for meetings. That way, they could ease up on the air conditioning. This campaign has failed as it has never been officially enforced. However, it is accepted that clothing is a key factor that can reduce the use of electricity for air conditioning and consequently reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in energy sector. The concept also encourages domestic textile industry to take the concern over climate (http://thaicarbonlabel.tgo.or.th/coolmode/index.php?page=1)

You can see from our technical materials listing that there is now massive variety in terms of available fabrics and fibres.
- EX 5249 (F) 88.6 % DOPE DYE 11.4 % SPANDEX
- EX 5745/5 mm MICRO POLYEST
Sport is our passion, we do everything, design and produce to our outstanding customer service.
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